Unknown for tal­king bodies


  • 17.06 > 22.06.2024

In a world whe­re hating your body, emo­ti­ons and self, addic­ti­ons, igno­ran­ce, jud­ge­men­ta­li­ty, bad-mouthing and even vio­len­ce have beco­me a norm, we research on how to cre­a­te dif­fe­rent and new nar­ra­ti­ves within the body and bet­ween bodies.

Unknown is a con­nec­ting ele­ment in plea­su­re, poe­try, birth and bodies. Using poe­tics and ecsta­tic birth prac­ti­ces as the main refe­ren­ces we explo­re on how plea­su­re can be a res­pon­si­ble acti­on towards the environment.

We also research affec­ti­ve bodi­ly prac­ti­ce which inclu­des inten­si­ties such as com­for­ta­bi­li­ty and uncom­for­ta­bi­li­ty, tal­king and moving, encoun­ter and per­for­man­ce, mul­ti­tas­king and high sta­tes of pre­sen­ce. The aim of the prac­ti­ce is that the per­for­mer feels to be a powerful and auto­no­mous sub­ject in the moment of per­for­ming, but the sha­dow side of power is the will to dest­roy. How to be powerful wit­hout dest­roying other peo­p­le, our­sel­ves, envi­ron­ments and the planet?

The aim of the work is to devel­op per­for­ma­ti­ve and cho­re­o­grap­hic stra­te­gies on how to bring the atten­ti­on of the spec­ta­tor also towards their own bodies. What hap­pens when we bring our atten­ti­on to our own bodies?

On Friday 21 June, Eeva con­clu­des her resi­d­en­cy at Kunstenwerk­plaats with a public try-out.
At 17u at Pianofabriek (Elsenor). The show will last about 30min with a short dis­cus­si­on after­wards.

Choreographer: Eeva Juutinen I Performers: Astrid Stenberg, Taru Aho I Sound des­ing: Satu Kankkonen I Lighting design: Julia Jäntti I Dramaturg: Hanna-Kaisa Tiainen I Production: Arts mana­ge­ment Helsinki/​Outi Järvinen I Co-pro­duc­ti­on: plan­ned for 2026 with Zodiak – Center for New Dance I Supported by: TelepART, Kunstenwerkplaats

© Eeva Juutinen