How to apply

Need a rehear­sal spa­ce in Brussels? KWP offers spa­ce for research, wri­ting, cre­a­ti­on and resi­den­cies. We deli­be­ra­te­ly avoid wor­king with open calls, becau­se we do not want to increa­se the enor­mous bur­den of admi­ni­stra­ti­on for artists. Applications for resi­den­cies can the­re­fo­re be made throug­hout the who­le year. The pro­ce­du­re? Send an email to karlien.​vanhoonacker@​pianofabriek.​be (artis­tic direc­ti­on) and eva.​welkenhuyzen@​pianofabriek.​be with your artis­tic plans and the period(s) you would like to work.

Our choi­ce of artists is not tied to spe­ci­fic dis­ci­pli­nes, but to the extent to which an artis­tic prac­ti­ce explo­res the limits of its own dis­ci­pli­nes, makes trans- or inter­dis­ci­pli­na­ry con­nec­ti­ons, or explo­res the boun­da­ries that sepa­ra­te the arts field from other sec­tors. Important for KWP are a sen­se of expe­ri­men­ta­ti­on, a strong artis­tic dri­ve and a gre­at curi­o­si­ty.

Over the past years, KWP has for­med an artis­tic focus on: 1) Hybrid forms through mul­ti- and trans­dis­ci­pli­na­ry ways of wor­king, often star­ting from per­for­man­ce or visu­al art 2) Dance (often with a link to pop/​urban culture/​contemporary sound) 3) Sound art, media art, audi­ti­ve expe­ri­ments with a strong per­for­ma­ti­ve bias, the­a­tri­cal fra­me­work or cho­re­o­grap­hic appro­ach 4) Young or mid-career (Dutch) the­a­ter work with inter­na­ti­o­nal poten­ti­al 5) Collective prac­ti­ces of sha­red author­ship.

KWP has 3 beau­ti­ful resi­d­en­cy spa­ces at its dis­po­sal:

- In GC Pianofabriek a tech­ni­cally well-equip­ped black box, Buenos Aires and the dan­ce stu­dio Elsenor
- In GC Elzenhof the lar­ge Studio Magnolia with a dan­ce floor
- Upon request, we can also use a sound edi­ting stu­dio, addi­ti­o­nal dan­ce stu­dios, a (film) audi­to­ri­um, a wri­ting and exhi­bi­ti­on room, mee­ting rooms… in GC Pianofabriek