Tantra for Beginners

KWP production


  • 25.03.2023

Nathan, Rosie and Castélie work on a self-made, absurd Tantra prac­ti­ce and pla­ce it in a the­a­tri­cal con­text. They take on Tantra, a hyper-inter­pre­ted soma­tic prac­ti­ce, as a para­digm for how self-help and soma­tic prac­ti­ces are intertwi­ned and how this affects the ima­ge of the self today. They pro­po­se exer­ci­ses around the recon­struc­ti­on of past inti­ma­cies, prac­ti­ce live con­sen­ting and allow self-indul­gen­ce to ease the strug­gle of libe­ra­ti­on. How do we expe­rien­ce self-dis­co­ve­ry, de-sub­jec­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, achie­ve­ment, libe­ra­ti­on, through the prac­ti­ce of Tantra For Beginners?

Concept: Rosie Sommers | Performers: Castélie Yalombo Lilonge, Nathan Ooms & Rosie Sommers | Spiritual gui­de: Elle Van Campenhout | Production: Kunstenwerk­plaats, VierNulVier