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Rosie Sommers

Rosie Sommers lived and wor­ked for 2 years in Volksroom, an off-spa­ce for per­for­man­ce art in Anderlecht. She gra­du­a­ted from Drama KASK (Ghent) in 2018 and fol­lo­wed a Master’s degree in cho­re­o­grap­hy at ISAC (Brussels). She is acti­ve in the Brussels music sce­ne through her girl-band Forsissies. As a per­for­mer, she col­la­bo­ra­ted with Thomas Ryckewaert, Bosse Provoost, Amanda Piña, Phoebe Berglund, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Gaël Santisteva, Nathan Ooms, Anna Franziska Jaeger, Micha Goldberg, Sophia Rodríguez, Tomas Gonzalez, Igor Cardellini. She par­ti­ci­pa­ted in Nightshift at TAZ in sum­mer 2022 in Ostend, whe­re she devel­o­ped the per­for­man­ce German Staatstheater (pre­mie­re February 2024) together with Micha Goldberg and her solo per­for­man­ce The Naked Traveller.