Ostentation pro­ject

KWP production

In Ostentation Project the body wants to beco­me an ima­ge, whi­le at the same time brea­king this iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on. By researching the dif­fe­rent lay­ers of mea­ning that fema­le bodies gene­ra­te in soci­al and phy­si­cal capi­ta­list-orien­ted spa­ces, Ostentation Project works through the ima­ges pro­jec­ted upon us, as well as the ones we cre­a­te our­sel­ves. These two direc­ti­ons of pro­jec­ti­on are some­ti­mes in con­sen­sus, some­ti­mes in con­flict and most­ly some­whe­re in bet­ween. The per­for­man­ce spa­ce folds and unfolds, gene­ra­ting mea­ning only to absorb it again, dig­ging for dee­per lay­ers and may­be stac­king them for hig­her truths. The audien­ce beco­mes part of a play­ful game that dis­sol­ves boun­da­ries bet­ween being and (re)presenting.

Concept, Scenography, Costumes, Direction: Sophia Rodríguez | Conceptual part­ners: Julia Reist, Vincent Focquet | Assistant direc­tor: Vincent Focquet | Performer: Sophia Rodríguez | Music: Tomas Proksch | Dramaturgy: Jonas Rutgeers | Collaborators: Oneka von Schrader, Nina Richard, Lisa Skwirblies, Micha Goldberg, Alina Arshi, Lászlo Sandig, Maxime Smeets, Manuela Aranguibel Molano, Mauricio Cruz, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Freek Willems | Vocal advi­ser: Lester Arias | Production and Co-pro­duc­ti­on: Kunstenwerkplaats | Photo: Leontien AllemeerschWith spe­ci­al thanks to: Tempus-Fugit, Volksroom, ARPWith the sup­port of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie