Mary Ventura


  • 22.11 > 04.12.2021

Theatre maker and wri­ter Dolores Bouckaert and visu­al artist Charlotte Bouckaert work together for the first time and form the per­fect duo to sta­ge this dark sto­ry about fema­le agen­cy and inde­pen­den­ce, about life and death. Mary Ventura /​everybody has to lea­ve home some­ti­me beco­mes a cine­ma­tic-musi­cal per­for­man­ce. A visu­al and men­tal jour­ney that immer­ses the spec­ta­tor in a world of sound, colour, line and form. Flowing, rhythmic, frag­men­ted, dis­tur­bed. On sta­ge are 2 per­for­mers and 2 musi­cians, and a Magic Machine that plays and screens the film on the spot.

Credits: Concept and per­for­man­ce: Charlotte Bouckaert & Dolores Bouckaert — Live music: Benjamin Glorieux & Micha Volders — Music com­po­si­ti­on: Benjamin Glorieux — Commissioned by: Europalia Trains & Tracks — Production: Hiros — With the sup­port of: Bozar — Residency sup­port: KWP Kunstenwerkplaats, workspacebrussels