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This research is hold by a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on in bet­ween Sophia Rodriguez, Julia Reist and Vincent Focquet.

While wor­king on her solo work Ostentation (20182020), per­for­mer and cho­re­o­grap­her Sophia Rodriguez devel­o­ped a prac­ti­ce in which dif­fe­rent bodies cre­a­te fric­ti­on. In a lot of ways, this prac­ti­ce was the oppo­si­te of the mate­ri­al of which Ostentation con­sisted. Where Ostentation grap­pled with iso­la­ti­on, objec­ti­va­ti­on and con­sump­ti­on, the prac­ti­ce of fric­ti­on searched for clo­se­ness, com­mu­ni­ty and non-con­sump­ti­on. Making Ostentation auto­ma­ti­cally gene­ra­ted the need to research and sustain its rever­sal, it could be seen as a neces­sa­ry coun­ter­weight. This is an impor­tant rea­son why Sophia Rodriguez wants to keep devel­o­ping the prac­ti­ce of fric­ti­on as a group work. 

Today we live through a moment of chan­ge, a chan­ge in natu­re a chan­ge in huma­ni­ty and a chan­ge in the mag­ni­tu­des of power and value. This chan­ge we (capi­ta­lis­tic soci­e­ty) pro­vo­ked and pus­hed for through moder­ni­ty and the idea of pro­gress and result orien­ted growth. Today, whe­re our move­ment, beha­vi­our and inter­ac­ti­ons are more and more com­mo­di­fied by a wes­tern hege­mo­ny, a plu­to­cra­tic dri­ven value sys­tem and eco­no­mi­cal exchan­ge — could it be pos­si­ble to pro­vo­ke a redis­tri­bu­ti­on of power through the prac­ti­ce of fric­ti­on? Putting for­ward the value within the col­lec­ti­ve acti­on rather than in a gestu­re of (eco­no­mi­cal) exchange? 

Within this pro­ject we would like to appro­ach this ques­ti­on and explo­re dee­ply the noti­on of fric­ti­on through two dis­tinc­ti­ve strands of research — a prac­ti­cal / phy­si­cal one and a neorological/​bio­lo­gi­cal one.