El Solito


  • 11.12 > 16.12.2023

Catalina Insignares stops being dis­cre­te. In El Solito, she’s asking herself: Am I even able to see myself and let myself be seen by others? How to be visi­ble? How to allow for a spa­ce whe­re we can just be in mutu­al pre­sen­ce? I” meta­morp­ho­se into some­thing else — a fic­ti­o­nal charac­ter, a kind of alter ego, a per­so­na, a dra­ma­tic mask that reso­na­tes with sto­ries and invi­si­ble sounds car­ried by the walls, floor, cei­ling, and the things brought in by others. The per­so­na sings and sounds, it uses its hands, thro­at and guts as ampli­fiers of the fre­quen­cies that cir­cu­la­te in mat­ter. It lets the dif­fe­rent invi­si­ble enti­ties through so that they boun­ce and tra­ver­se to beco­me hea­ra­ble and visible.

Concept & per­for­man­ce: Catalina Insignares I Dramaturgy of light and dark­ness: Carolina Mendonça I Solo col­la­bo­ra­tors for this ver­si­on: Veza Fernández & Gérald Kurdian I Costume pie­ce: Anna Schall 

Image © Catalina Insignares