Schermafbeelding 2023 02 16 om 11 32 54

Friday March 10th: 2X KWP at bits of dance!


Leading up to its pre­mie­re on 31 March, Milø Slayers will per­form a work-in-pro­gress showing of DEMONstratio next Friday at 17:00 at the bits of dan­ce fes­ti­val in Bruges, pre­sen­ted by Dans in Brugge. 

Later that eve­ning, at 20:00 Lisa Vereertbrugghen is going to per­form Disquiet — sen­sa­ti­o­nal aes­the­tics of a technokin.

Both per­for­man­ces can be per­fect­ly com­bi­ned. Don’t miss out on them!

More info on the fes­ti­val and tic­kets via Dans in Brugge.