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In 2015, an X‑ray reve­a­led that the famous Black Square by Malevich (1915) car­ried a racist inscrip­ti­on hid­den bene­ath lay­ers of paint. Not even abstract art appe­ars to be free of poli­tics. It is pre­ci­se­ly this ten­si­on that the young Belgian cho­re­o­grap­her Milø Slayers and the three black per­for­mers are con­cerned with in DEMONstratio. Light and dark­ness, rea­son and fee­ling, cer­tain­ty and uncer­tain­ty… Through the power of the voi­ce and of move­ment, this pie­ce sha­kes up bina­ry oppositions. 

Concept: Milø Slayers | Performers: Sophie Sénécaut, Eli Mathieu, Milka Kongi | Light design: Luc Schaltin | Projectie: Ulysse Navarro, Geminay | Costume design: Céline Shen | Dramaturgy: Yasen Vasilev | Theoretical sup­port: Tunde Adefioye | Support for reflexi­on: Marie Umuhoza | Sound design: Milø Slayers | Production: Kunstenwerk­plaats | Co-pro­duc­ti­on: Kunstenwerk­plaats, Kaap, Charleroidanse, STUK | Thanks to: Wouter Hillaert, Lucile Calmel, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Stephane Bourhis, Dries Doubi, Femke Gyselinck, Maria Dogahe, Afi Maghouti, André van Praet, Ayoh Kré Duchâtelet, Kaaitheater, VierNulVier, BUDA, Ultima Vez | With the sup­port of the Flemisch community