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Lila Magnin

Lila Magnin is a dan­cer and cho­re­o­grap­her who also cre­a­tes music. She is based in Belgium. Lila has a visu­al and musi­cal uni­ver­se of her own that she has been sha­ring on sta­ge and on soci­al media for seve­r­al years.

She star­ted dan­cing at the age of 3 with the Bharata Natya and went to the Juste Debout School in Paris at the age of 18. Back in Belgium, she works as a dan­cer for various pro­jects and relea­ses her own music. She also con­ti­nues to take dan­ce trai­ning cour­ses around the world, such as in NYC and LA.

Lila has wor­ked as a dancer/​performer with seve­r­al inter­na­ti­o­nal artists, such as Vraja Sundari Keilman for ATMA (Samadhi Dance Company, NL), Pitcho Womba Konga for Slow#3, Mamiwata and Habit (KVS, BEL), Andrew Ondrejcak for Figure Studies (USA),…

In 2019, she will cho­re­o­graph her first pie­ce the #roof is on fire, pro­du­ced by Mons Arts de la Scène and sup­por­ted by the Commission de la Danse (Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles). She will pre­sent her second pie­ce Azad, a solo, for the first time in 2021.

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