Alice Van der Wielen Honinckx c Marc Van der Wielen Honinckx

Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx

Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx1989) is a slow cho­re­o­grap­her’, per­for­mer and dra­ma­turg, based in Brussels. She stu­died lite­ra­tu­re at KULeuven and con­tem­po­ra­ry per­for­man­ce at Utrecht University. Alice has been devel­o­ping a prac­ti­ce of slow­ness, nou­ris­hed by aca­de­mic as well as embo­died research, fas­cia-the­ra­py (Danis Bois method) and hyp­no­sis (with Catherine Contour). This slow­ness’ is clo­ser to an atmos­p­he­re than to a ran­ge of speed: it is a time-spa­ce whe­re we can prac­ti­ce ano­ther way of relating.

She col­la­bo­ra­tes with Benjamin Vandewalle (2017, 2018, 2019), Jeanne Colin (2019), Stav Yeini (2019), Evelien Cammaert (2021), Lee/​Vakulya (2022), Francesca Saraullo (2024) and Moni Wespi (2024).

Alice cre­a­ted the dura­ti­o­nal per­for­man­ce Creatures at rest (2021), selec­ted for the Biennale Women In Art: A Show of Resistance 2023. She publis­hed the essay Space as Atmosphere: Floating in a Molecular Bath’ in Slow Spatial Reader: Chronicles of Radical Affection edi­ted by Carolyn F. Strauss (Amsterdam: Valiz, 2021), and occa­si­o­nal­ly tea­ches dra­ma­tur­gy at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC, Brussels).

After tem­po­ra­ri­ly taking dis­tan­ce from the world of lite­ra­tu­re to dedi­ca­te herself to con­tem­po­ra­ry dan­ce and per­for­man­ce, she returns to words in Slow Experiments. This time, moved by sen­so­ri­al, bodi­ly experience.

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