The Moon in your Mouth

KWP production


  • 21.04.2024

The Moon in your Mouth is a research that explo­res kins­hip, and the inter­con­nec­ti­vi­ty of human and non-human beings through astro­lo­gy and eating. 

This new research is a deep inves­ti­ga­ti­on on how food con­nects us with both the earth and the lar­ger cos­mos of pla­nets in our solar sys­tem. It begins from the very old phra­se that astro­lo­gy and astro­no­my were based on: As abo­ve, so below; as below, so abo­ve. This phra­se first appe­a­red some­ti­me in bet­ween the 8th or 9th cen­tu­ry, in Arabic on the Emerald Tablet, and has been per­pe­tu­a­ting in sci­en­ce and phi­lo­sop­hy sin­ce then. It still very much cited by astro­lo­gers today. It is the basic idea that what hap­pens in the cosmos/​heavens, is con­nec­ted with what hap­pens on earth, and vise versa.

In this research I want to under­stand the prac­ti­cal appli­ca­ti­on of this con­cept by dig­ging dee­per into how the move­ment of the pla­nets affects the human and plant worlds, to try and under­stand how we have an embo­died con­nec­ti­on with the cos­mos through the food we ingest into our bodies. 

The research will be for a year in which I will make con­nec­ti­ons with bio-dyna­mic far­mers in Belgium and in the sur­roun­ding coun­tries, to see how they can impro­ve my under­stan­ding of far­ming with the cycles of the pla­nets. I will also devel­op a dee­per under­stan­ding of the sci­en­ce of metap­hy­sics and astro­lo­gy, by wor­king with an astro­lo­ger in Belgium. I also want to con­nect with the Royal Observatory in Belgium to see how they might enligh­ten my research fur­ther. And final­ly, I want to enga­ge in slow learning cir­cles with peers with whom this research over­laps, as a way of dee­pe­ning the the­o­re­ti­cal con­cepts that come out of it. 

By Samah Hijawi in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Erika Sprey, Susan Hopkins, Boerderij De Wassende Maan and the Royal Observatory I Production: Kunstenwerkplaats I Co-pro­duc­ti­on: Monty, VIERNULVIER, KAAP, Kunstenfestivaldesarts and A.M. Qattan Foundation I Supported by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.