Small Acts of Violence


  • 17.10 > 24.10.2022

Small Acts of Violence is a sur­re­al cine­ma­tic 360° expe­rien­ce around the entang­le­ment of love and non-con­sen­su­al phy­si­cal vio­len­ce and self-harm in intimate/​family rela­ti­ons­hips. You beco­me a tem­po­ra­ry mem­ber of a fic­ti­o­nal fami­ly, pla­ced at the cen­tre of an inti­ma­te web. You are ten­der­ly gui­ded through the expe­rien­ce by the voi­ce of Love, who whis­pers in your ears, invi­ting you to recall your first kiss. Creating an envi­ron­ment to pro­vo­ke embo­died reac­ti­ons, trig­ge­ring your sen­se of body auto­no­my and need for safe­ty, this expe­rien­ce chal­len­ges you to acti­ve­ly enga­ge your boundaries.