Stijn Demeulenaere tries to under­stand spa­ces, pla­ces, lands­ca­pes and eco­lo­gies by lis­te­ning to them. Sometimes he records their sound. In his Latitudes he brings sounds from all over the world together, and resear­ches how flo­ra, fau­na, peo­p­le, cli­ma­te and geo­lo­gy sound. How do they inter­act through trem­bling air. Sounds from the Tundra and the jun­gle. The North Sea and the Savannah, The City, the Forest and the Village. Stijn sear­ches for struc­tu­res and sha­pes whe­re the­se very dif­fe­rent sound hook into each other, inter­act with each other. How sounds gene­ra­te expecta­ti­ons and how we can play with the­se expecta­ti­ons. Above all, Stijn builds a new ephe­me­ral lands­ca­pe from all the­se bits of world­ly sound. A mes­me­ri­zing the length of a composition.

Currently, Latitudes con­tains recor­dings from, among others, Sweden, Finland, Gabon, Romania, France, Kenia, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Lebanon, and Belgium. Stijn uses this mate­ri­al to cre­a­te com­po­si­ti­ons, sounds­cas­pes and wea­ves them into live sets.

Stijn is a sound artist and field recor­dist from Belgium. His prac­ti­ce is cen­te­red around two ques­ti­ons. On the one hand Stijn resear­ches how we give mea­ning to sound. On the other hand, he is fas­ci­na­ted by the rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween sound and pla­ce. Latitudes is a pro­ject in con­ti­nuing devel­op­ment. Stijn regu­lar­ly records new spa­ces and keeps rewor­king the set. If the­re is enough time and spa­ce, Stijn also makes recor­dings in the cities and pla­ces whe­re he per­forms, and works this mate­ri­al into his live sets.

In October 2017, Stijn’s first album in the fra­me­work of the Latitudes pro­ject was relea­sed on Silken Tofu: Latitudes – September 2016. He’s now wor­king on the second album.

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Latitudes is sup­por­ted by the Kunstenwerkplaats and recei­ved fun­ding from the Flemish Community.

Recording in Iceland, pic by Richard Youell.
Recording in Iceland, pic by Richard Youell.
Recoring in Iceland, pic by Laura Weber.
Latitudes live at Atlantikwall, pic by Geert Coppens.