Coming In Out

Summer residence


  • 12.09 > 17.09.2019

These men were my coming out, having led me to lea­ve a spa­ce, to land in another 

Focused on the dia­lo­gue that hete­ro­nor­ma­ti­vi­ty main­tains with the coming out pro­cess, the coming out is a pro­cess of accep­tan­ce and iden­ti­ty con­so­li­da­ti­on that can take any form in res­pon­se to socie­ties dai­ly ques­ti­o­ning of gen­der and sexu­al orientation. 

The per­spec­ti­ve of whis­pe­ring one’s sexu­a­li­ty as oppo­sed to dis­clo­sing one’s sexu­a­li­ty lends itself in this spa­ce natu­ral­ly to the con­cept of pas­sa­ge.
Explicitly or impli­cit­ly, the over­va­lu­ed sha­dows that pass through the life expe­rien­ces expo­sed during this per­for­man­ce result from this indoc­tri­na­ti­on brought by the hete­ro­nor­ma­ti­ve society. 

The pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the­se life sam­ples scru­ti­ni­zes the « degree out­ness » and by col­lec­ting data across dimen­si­ons of desi­re, leads us to reflect on the ostra­cism that hete­ro­nor­ma­ti­ve soci­e­ty impo­ses on the homos­exu­al community. 

Creation : Alban Ovanessian | Artistic advi­ce : Synne Elve Enoksen | Jean Baptiste Portier, Mamadou Wague | Technical sup­port : Mamadou Wague, Eimi Leggett | Video and light design : Alban Ovanessian | Co-pro­du­ced by KWP Kunstenwerkplaats | With the sup­port of the GXII P.A.R.T.S festival. 

Thanks to Robinson Cassarino, Yun Pei Hsiung, Adrian Sanchez Nunez, Jens Peeters and Rafael Oeps, among others.