Both Two


  • 20.07 > 26.07.2020

In Both, Two Tussing & Vanderbruggen exa­mi­ne the duet, the smal­lest unit of together­ness. The dan­ce duet is a gen­re with a his­to­ry. In their most fami­liar forms, duets reflect the ran­ge of pos­si­bi­li­ties for rela­ting, which reso­na­te within a cer­tain cul­tu­ral ima­gi­na­ry. In par­ti­cu­lar, they reve­al com­mon-sen­se atti­tu­des towards who gets to move, how, and under what conditions. 

When two peo­p­le dan­ce together, a who­le con­stel­la­ti­on of invita­ti­ons, per­mis­si­ons and pro­hi­bi­ti­ons is put on dis­play. Both, Two invi­tes the spec­ta­tor to jump into this com­plex more-than-human eco­lo­gy with her who­le body: the work asks us not just to see but to sen­se. Can we hear a duet? What does it feel like? Costumes with pal­pa­ble tex­tu­res, swir­ling cur­rents of air and sound, and a tac­ti­le pro­gram note com­ple­ment the move­ments of tan­gi­bly enfles­hed bodies; a jour­ney for the proxi­mal sen­ses that inter­sects with the visu­al and the aural in unu­su­al ways. In a duet which both refe­ren­ces and exceeds the tro­pes of the gen­re, Both, Two asks what it could mean, today, to be two together. 

Performance & Creation: Vera Tussing & Esse Vanderbruggen | Sound: Mike Picknett | Lights: Bert van Dijck | Costumes: Sofie Durnez, Jivan van der Ende | Direction: Vera Tussing | Dramaturgy: Seb Kann | Feedback: Saïd Gharbi | Artistic Collaborator: JS Rafaeli | Photography: Alessandra Rocchetti | Video: Zoilly Molnar, Lucien Lepoutre | Production: Hiros | Co-pro­duc­ti­on: Kaaitheater, KAAP, The Place, IN / FINITY | Support, Research, Residencies: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, KWP Kunstenwerkplaats, South East Dance, The Place, CND Paris, Tanzhaus Zuerich, ImpulsTanz , BUDA, STUK, KAAP, De Markten, Cc t Vondel, De Warande, Stems Gallery / Cindy Daignault, Klein Verzet Tactile Programme | Note: Anna Goette, Bert Van Dijck, Lucie Beauvert, Esse Vanderbruggen & Vera Tussing | Additional sup­port and spe­ci­al thank you: Esther Severi, Anneleen Keppens, Zoltan Vakulya, Chen Wei Lee, Gorka Gurrutxaga, Laura Poletti, Magrit De Maegd, TOPAZ, Susan Carter-Schwantes, Bun Kobayashi & Clara Levy