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Recensie: FRICTION van Sophia Rodriguez door Dagmar Teurelinckx


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Sophia Rodriguez’s FRICTION departs from the hypo­the­sis that fric­ti­on bet­ween indi­vi­du­als is dis­ap­pe­a­ring in our con­tem­po­ra­ry, capi­ta­list soci­e­ty, becau­se of the com­mon asso­ci­a­ti­on of fric­ti­on with resis­tan­ce and con­flict. In attemp­ting to ensu­re that eve­ry­thing runs smoot­h­ly, we tra­de proxi­mi­ty for cold­ness. FRICTION explo­res whe­ther deli­be­ra­te­ly pro­vo­king fric­ti­on bet­ween peo­p­le is a way to rid them of psy­cho­lo­gi­cal and cul­tu­ral dif­fe­ren­ces, which often get in the way of con­nec­ting with others. While Rodriguez’ ambi­ti­ons are hyper rele­vant and impor­tant, the resul­ting per­for­man­ce is a wate­red-down ver­si­on of them.’