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Raphael Philipe Damasceno

Born in Brazil and based in Brussels, Raphael Philipe Damasceno (°1992) devel­o­ped his career as a dan­cer bet­ween Spain and Belgium. Most recent­ly, he’s been wor­king with Alain Platel, Bérengère Bodin and Vera Tussing whi­le devel­o­ping his own artis­tic prac­ti­ce around deco­lo­ni­a­li­ty and the role of iden­ti­ties in know­led­ge production. 

Through his ongo­ing pro­ject ‘- the road, again.’, he aims at cre­a­ting spa­ces for citi­zens to come together and start an embo­died exchan­ge around deco­lo­ni­al lite­ra­tu­re — both as per­for­man­ces and/​or open work­shops, tables of dis­cus­si­ons and rea­ding groups. 

This pro­ject is been sup­por­ted by RADAR Mechelen, Passerelle Vzw Kortrijk, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, DESINGEL International Arts Centre and Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Brussels