Matevž Dobaj en Neus Barcons Roca


After finis­hing the stu­dies at Medical uni­ver­si­ty Maribor, Slovenia, Matevž con­ti­nued his for­mal edu­ca­ti­on at Salzburg, Austria expe­ri­men­tal aca­de­my of dan­ce — SEAD (2010). Already in this time he knew dan­ce, art and medi­ci­ne will always be stron­gly intertwi­ned. His edu­ca­ti­on offe­red him a spe­ci­al insight into body, sci­en­ce and soci­e­ty. Now he directs his focus on ques­ti­ons of inter­pre­ta­ti­on, body sta­tes and works with soma­tic appro­a­ches.
Matevž was acti­ve in Slovenian dan­ce sce­ne and after moved to Brussels in 2014 whe­re he per­for­med with seve­r­al artist in dif­fe­rent venues in Belgium and abroad. He col­la­bo­ra­ted or per­for­med in works of Francesco Scavetta, Les Gens d’Uterpan, Bud Blumenthal, Dieter Defurne, Maayan Danoch, Snježana Premuš …

Dancer, cho­re­o­grap­her and tea­cher from Spain. In 2007 Neus gra­du­a­ted at L’Institut del Teatre Barcelona and recei­ved a scho­lar­ship with Jenifer Muller in New York. After explo­ring dan­ce and art sce­ne in US and Europe, she con­ti­nued her stu­dies at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), whe­re she gra­du­a­ted in 2012 and was a guest in Bodhi Project with the cho­re­o­grap­hers Nigel Charnock and Jelka Milic. The invita­ti­on to take part in Ultima Vez Research pro­gram brought her to Brussels, whe­re she is based sin­ce 2014.
During the years, Neus col­la­bo­ra­ted with artists in dif­fe­rent fields of dan­ce per­for­man­ce, video dan­ce and visu­al art ‑Stephanie Thiersch (Mouvoir), Britta Lieberknecht, Karen Bößer, Nazanin Fakor, Isabella Soupart among others….-.