Inflatable futu­res (research title)


  • 27.06 > 02.07.2022

Inflatable futu­res” is an exten­si­on of a lon­ger research into breath/​breathing — as an acti­ve pro­cess of inter­de­pen­den­ce, entang­le­ment and reci­pro­ci­ty. We explo­re a bre­a­thing body, with which we want to cre­a­te a metap­ho­ri­cal trans­for­ma­ti­on of bre­ath into an echo of time. We are cre­a­ting diver­se kine­tic lands­ca­pes, reflect on and chan­ge their mea­nings. Our bre­a­thing is audi­ble, is visu­al, is pal­pa­ble and the dan­ce is emer­ged into bre­ath, both rhythmi­cal and com­plex. We ima­gi­ne a world, whe­re you can ste­al a bre­ath from ano­ther, whe­re bre­a­thing is a com­mo­di­ty you can tra­de. When bre­a­thing is urgent. Can we envi­si­on new bodies — com­ple­te­ly self sustai­na­ble and stop bre­a­thing? In the Inflatable futu­res” we explo­re our futu­re cor­po­re­a­li­ty. Or may­be we have just arri­ved from ano­ther pla­net, una­ble to clo­se our mouths. We deal with new modes of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on whi­le alie­na­ting our­sel­ves from our modes of being. Is our soli­tu­de the­re by choice?