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Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust

Born in Chambéry ( France) in 1994, from a Franco-German-Polish mother and a Franco-Persian father, Darius is an artist, per­for­mer, cho­re­o­grap­her and desig­ner. He lives and works bet­ween Brussels and Marseille. 

After stu­dying Fashion Design at the Duperré school, Graphic Design at the Estienne school in Paris, sculp­tu­re at La Cambre, he final­ly stu­died dan­ce, per­for­man­ce and cho­re­o­grap­hy within the Institute of Choreographic Arts — (ISAC) in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 

Through all the­se years of stu­dy, he devel­o­ped a research on the body in move­ment : Garnement as an enve­lo­pe, whe­re the cos­tu­me in its essen­ce pro­du­ces cho­re­o­grap­hy. In his work, he high­lights the per­for­ma­ti­ve and inhe­rent poten­ti­a­li­ty of the cos­tu­me, its intrin­sic capa­ci­ty to offer the per­for­mer a way to res­ha­pe it, to re-move it, to re-invent it. The cos­tu­me pro­du­ces its own move­ments by reor­ga­ni­zing the spa­ce of the bodies, thus defi­ning a new fra­me­work for experimentation. 

Wearing Darius’s cos­tu­mes would be like inter­ac­ting with his­to­ry, big or small. Dancing in the past, a real metamorphosis. 

As a Visual Artist is main medi­um is tex­ti­le, which he use to make patch­works, pain­tings, cos­tu­mes and sce­no­grap­hies. For him wor­king with tex­ti­le is a way to trans­form all is dra­wings in a melt and liquid materiality. 

His patch­works are like sto­ries, trying to catch a moment of move­ment, often bet­ween figh­ting and loving, bet­ween vio­len­ce and love. Bodies are mel­ting in which other, be- coming sha­pe of colors insi­de the patch­work. These tex­ti­le works are also used for set­ting up instal­la­ti­ons, acti­va­ted by site-spe­ci­fic performances. 

He has desig­ned the cos­tu­mes for the latest cre­a­ti­ons of Pau Simon (La gran­de remontée), Liam Warren (Merge), Grégoire Schaller (Ekkrino, Whip) and the set design for the latest cre­a­ti­ons of Pau Simon (La gran­de remontée), and Renaud Dallet (Voir, tou­cher, s’aimer fort) 

He has pre­sen­ted his per­for­man­ce work in European insti­tu­ti­ons: Stedelijk Museum, Mudam, Centrale Fies, Spazio K, M Leuven, Stuk, Buda Kunstencentrum, Atelier 210, Momu, Villa noail­les, Weils… 

Since 2021 he has cre­a­ted his com­pa­ny DDDMM with Maureen Béguin-Morin (per­for­mer, dra­ma­tur­ge and sta­ge designer).