Things That Can Survive In Space



  • 06.12 > 17.12.2021

Things That Can Survive In Space departs from NASA’s voy­a­ger mis­si­on (1977) and their attempt at a cos­mic mes­sa­ge-in-a-bott­le”. The ini­ti­al ques­ti­on for this pro­ject was — what would we con­struct if we knew that the con­struc­ti­on had a chan­ce of rea­ching ano­ther intel­li­gent” life form? Is the­re any bounda­ry bet­ween fic­ti­on and rea­li­ty when we enga­ge in com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on aimed at beings, who are neces­sa­ri­ly alien to us and our context(s)? In TTCSIS we explo­re the inter­sec­ti­on bet­ween an exis­ten­ti­a­list atti­tu­de and the lan­gu­a­ge of per­for­man­ce and spec­ta­tor­ship. During this resi­d­en­cy we will con­ti­nue to com­po­se a tra­jec­to­ry through this research.