Silly Symphonies


  • 30.10 > 04.11.2023

A shot sounds
A bird falls
Three figu­res pro­vi­de invi­si­ble fea­thers with soft dying sound.

In Silly Symphonies, the play­ers depict through sound a world whe­re, as an audien­ce, you beco­me a wit­ness to a suc­ces­si­on of unfo­re­s­een endings: from cras­hing cars to shot bir­ds, from sin­king fis­her­men to cras­hing para­troop­ers.

Are they com­pli­cit in the end­less ending or do they pro­vi­de sound for what would other­wi­se go unno­ti­ced?

Which ima­gi­na­ti­on shoots to shreds, which swells slow­ly? Which whis­pers soft­ly and reas­su­rin­g­ly after when all sound is gone?

Using the audi­to­ry medi­um of bruit­a­ge, Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght and Senne Vanderschelden tac­kle the­se ques­ti­ons in a play­ful, some­ti­mes almost clow­nish way, wit­hout shying away from the dar­ker cor­ners of humanity.

Van en met: Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght en Senne VanderscheldenI Zakelijke lei­ding: Margaux Cauliez I Coaching: Laurens Aneca I Eindregie: Geert Belpaeme I Dramaturgie: Marie Peeters I Kostuum: Ginger Bogaert I Geluid: Oscar Claus & Gert Malfliet I Props: Lena Mariën I Met de steun van: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap I Met dank aan: Trappelend Talent, TAZ en Vincent Company

Image by Chris Van der Burcht