PROMPT: IT SUCKS (?) — Ching Shu Huang


  • 11.06 > 12.06.2024

THU 11.06 + FRI 12.06, 20247:30pm
Prompt: It sucks (?) is part of a dou­ble bill with ‑Oddkin- — Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel

What sucks you here?” is always the first ques­ti­on peo­p­le ask me.”
Prompt*: gene­ra­te an ima­ge with a per­son eating a bunch of snacks, no Asian porn.
Prompt: a snail migra­ting 300 cen­ti­me­ters from the edge of a side­walk to its death in the midd­le of it.”
Prompt: a plas­tic bag flies over­seas and gets stuck in insti­tu­ti­o­nal trou­ble.”
Prompt: a vacuum that fell in love with an infla­ta­ble thing.”

This pro­ject attempts to gather ques­ti­ons of migra­ted bodies and per­forms its own pro­cess of soothing and homing. It allows play­ful and foolish attri­bu­tes to prompt our power of fan­ta­si­zing a pos­si­ble futu­re to return to.

An AI Prompt is any form of text, ques­ti­on, infor­ma­ti­on, or coding that com­mu­ni­ca­tes to AI what res­pon­se you’­re loo­king for. It is pre­pa­red to meet demands and acti­ons that ful­fill (or fail) one’s fan­ta­sies and imaginations

Ching Shu Huang hosts this pro­ject in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Marlla Araújo (co-cre­a­ti­on, per­for­mer), Marikki Nyfors (co-wri­ting, per­for­mer), Hsiao Hsuan Wu aka Aniao (per­for­mer), Urtė Groblytė (flashmob co-cho­re­o­grap­hy), Luis Ramirez Muñoz (sound design), Paulo César Lopes Sousa (cos­tu­me design), Ludovic Dury (sce­no­grap­hy), Desiree 0100 (men­tor), guest per­for­mers to be found, and you.

Special thanks to Johanne Mortgat Shan, Vladimir Babinchuk Outerelo, India de Vere, Giulia Bonfiglio, Marc Estalilla

Collage © Ching Shu Huang
Visual © Joram De Cocker