-Oddkin- — Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel


  • 11.06 > 12.06.2024

THU 11.06 + FRI 12.06, 20247:30pm
-Oddkin- is part of a dou­ble bill with Prompt: It sucks (?) — Ching Shu Huang

A leaf a gourd a shell a net

A bag a sling a sack a bott­le

A pot a box a con­tai­ner.

A hol­der. A reci­pient.

How to trans­form a per­for­ma­ti­ve spa­ce into a con­tai­ner? An embroi­dery of care, live elec­tro­nic sound, bodies sha­ring ener­gies in moti­on, love, soft­ness, joy, play­ful­ness, transpa­ren­cy, fic­ti­on, and fic­ti­on, and fic­ti­on. A spa­ce that holds all the inner worlds pre­sent in the spa­ce, in order to con­nect with their complexities.

Concept & per­for­man­ce: Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel I In col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with: Im Kanokporn Vorapharuek (per­for­mer) Marikki Nyfors (Performer), Ariadna Navarrete Valverde I Mentoring & dra­ma­tur­gy: Kopano Maroga, Catalina Insignares I External eye: Marlla Araújo I Light design: Gea Zazil I Stage & tex­ti­le design: Kyra Voordeckers

Picture © Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel
Visual © Joram De Cocker