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  • 04.09 > 06.09.2023
  • 03.10 > 15.10.2022
  • 29.08 > 10.09.2022

Feral is a series of four sta­ged lands­ca­pes which assu­me con­tras­tin­gly dif­fe­rent ima­gi­na­ries of body and pla­ce. This work invi­tes the spec­ta­tors to obser­ve the trans­for­ma­ti­ons of each lands­ca­pe over the dura­ti­on of the per­for­man­ce. During the making of this work much thought was given to how the iteration/​presentation of bodies and pla­ces medi­a­te indi­vi­du­al and group rela­ti­ons­hips to the envi­ron­ment. Feral the­re­fo­re works towards cor­rup­ted, filthy, exces­si­ve, toxic, mon­s­trous, rui­ned, hor­ri­fic, frac­tu­red, and gla­mo­rous landscapes.

This work explo­res the noti­on of char­ge’ as a way to sty­le the body­’s move­ments and pre­sen­ce. Lydia has devel­o­ped tex­ti­le pie­ces used as sce­no­grap­hic objects, paying clo­se atten­ti­on to tex­tu­re, and the pro­duc­ti­on of dif­fe­rent volumes/​perspectives.

The sta­ge beco­mes a void, an opu­lent dump­si­te, a syn­the­tic desert, a hori­zon. The per­for­mers beco­me scree­ches, devi­ant figu­res, ina­ni­ma­te, hol­lo­wed out surfaces.

This work employs the the­a­tre’s poten­ti­al to cre­a­te an expe­rien­ce of sus­pen­si­on, rather than instruction.

Artistic direc­ti­on, Scenography, and Performer Lydia McGlinchey | Performers Nathan Ooms, Keren Kraizer, Mario Barrantes Espinoza | Scenographic assis­tan­ce and advi­ce Elena Vloeberghen | Music Iris o0ryxss (Iris Joana Therasse Nicaisse) | Light design Jan Maertens | Costume Jessica Matheson | Special thanks to Stefa Govaart, Volmir Cordeiro, and Jessica Matheson. | Supported by VIERNULVIER, KunstenWerkPlaats, BUDA | This work was star­ted within the fra­me of the stu­dios pro­gram at P.A.R.T.S