Dona Lourdès


  • 01.06 > 10.06.2023

This pro­ject began with con­ver­sa­ti­ons I held with my grand­mo­ther about her life. From her child­hood in Rio to her first emo­ti­ons, from her whi­te father’s igno­ran­ce to her black mother’s pri­de, from clas­si­cal dan­ce to sam­ba, from her mar­ria­ge to her move to Europe, from absen­ce to the gap.

How does my grand­mo­ther’s raci­al his­to­ry affect me? Her mother, a black wor­king-class cle­a­ning lady, rai­sed her alo­ne whi­le her bio­lo­gi­cal father, the son of a midd­le-class Portuguese fami­ly, never recog­ni­sed her? Her mother was proud that she was paler than herself?

She tou­ches me becau­se I am white.

Tracing back the threads of a poli­ti­cal, visu­al and inti­ma­te his­to­ry, I beco­me awa­re that my skin colour is the fruit of the long pro­cess of deni­al of black lives.

How can we put the pie­ces, the frag­ments, back together by con­si­de­ring the body as a spa­ce in which his­to­ry is recorded?

Dona Lourdès is this pla­ce, this land.

Concept, direc­ti­on, per­for­man­ce: Némo Camus I Collaboration, cho­re­o­grap­hy and per­for­man­ce: Robson Ledesma I Dramaturgy: Nathalia Kloos I Costume: Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda I Video: Mary Szydlowska I Light design: Nora Boulanger Hirsch I Production: Atelier 210 I Co-pro­duc­ti­on: Atelier 210, Charleroi Danse, Tax Shelter I Supported by La Bellone, kunst­cen­trum BUDA, Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles, Kunstenwerkplaats

Dona Lourdès — A Redenção de Cam (1895) / Orfeu Negro (1959)