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A pri­de of lions, an army of ants, a school of fish and my band of lone­ly objects. As we play we make an epic col­la­ge of the peri­ls of boun­ce hou­ses, baf­fled object­hood, a series of attempts at belon­ging and of buoyan­cy. In lyrics I look for appe­a­ran­ces of a heart and it appe­ars the organ is the most majestic instru­ment.

Epic col­la­ge’ is a musi­cal term and epic col­la­ge artists are com­mon­ly defi­ned by their abi­li­ty to decon­tex­tu­a­li­se recog­ni­sa­ble sam­ples (such as vocal stems) and pro­vi­de them with a see­min­gly con­flic­ting sonic back­drop which thus­ly results in a mas­hup (or mess-up) that stri­ves to be gre­a­ter than the sum of its parts”.* I am some­o­ne to whom they say eve­ry time I see a sli­de I think of you’, and that see­ms qui­te decon­tex­tu­a­li­sed, and that see­ms qui­te a decent pla­ce of com­men­ce­ment.

In this easy­go­ing tra­ge­dy, come­dy haunts me and I like to play along.

*Adam Harper

A work by Marikki Nyfors I with Sonja Aaltonen (pro­cess), Thomas Bîrzan (mentoring/​text), Luanda Casella (men­to­ring), Aymeric Duriez (typo­grap­hy), Gabriel Marling Rideout (pro­cess)

Picture © Marikki Nyfors
Visual © Joram De Cocker