Roel Heremans

Roel Heremans is a trans­dis­ci­pli­na­ry artist wor­king with sound, ima­gi­na­ti­on & neu­ro­feed­back. In most of his works he com­po­ses frag­ments of audio that trig­ger the ima­gi­na­ti­on of visi­tors in order to cre­a­te immersi­ve group expe­rien­ces. As a result, the visi­tors simul­ta­neous­ly beco­me actors, wit­nes­ses, per­for­mers and reen­ac­tors of men­tal and phy­si­cal pro­ces­ses of thought and move­ment, whe­re col­lec­ti­ve per­for­man­ces encoun­ter indi­vi­du­al reac­ti­ons and vice ver­sa. By acti­va­ting peo­p­le in this way, Heremans gene­ra­tes a simu­la­ti­on of the con­tem­po­ra­ry world, one in which eve­ry indi­vi­du­al is part of their own self-mir­ro­ring bub­ble, one in which the visi­tor, with their expe­rien­ce, remains the artist’s only metap­ho­ri­cal can­vas. His varied prac­ti­ce, all deri­ving from the­se immersi­ve group expe­rien­ces, also inclu­des video and works on paper.