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Némo Camus

Némo Camus is a sound artist and pro­du­cer based in Brussels. After researching cine­ma and soci­o­lo­gy at the University of Paris VIII, he tur­ned to sound cre­a­ti­on and joi­ned INSAS. His work, root­ed in a dia­lec­ti­cal appro­ach, moves back and forth bet­ween inti­ma­te nar­ra­ti­ve and his­to­ry, envi­ron­ment and indi­vi­du­al, mat­ter and thought… Through his radio cre­a­ti­ons, sound instal­la­ti­ons and per­for­man­ces, he hybri­di­zes docu­men­ta­ry and fic­ti­on, voi­ce and field recor­ding, in a desi­re to work with ever gre­a­ter subtle­ty on the tra­ce, the clue, the suggestion.

He has col­la­bo­ra­ted on dan­ce and per­for­man­ce with Pélagie Gbaguidi, On-Trade-Off, Robson Ledesma, Joëlle Sambi, Esther Mugambi, Geva Zaibert and others, and is con­ti­nuing his tran­si­ti­on to per­for­man­ce by devi­sing a dan­ce pro­ject based on the sto­ry of his grand­mo­ther, Dona Lourdès. He runs work­shops and works on the links bet­ween text and poli­tics for the maga­zi­ne Jef Klak.

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