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Edoardo Ripani

In recent years, Edoardo Ripani has been devel­o­ping his own the­a­tri­cal prac­ti­ce and has been focu­sing on a docu­men­ta­ry appro­ach with seve­r­al refe­ren­ces to his­to­ry, one of his main pas­si­ons. His appro­ach to the sub­ject can be defi­ned as almost sci­en­ti­fic, as he likes to com­bi­ne dif­fe­rent docu­men­ta­ry mate­ri­als (arti­cles; tes­ti­mo­nies; real facts) and to trans­po­se them into the­a­tre. At the same time, he is focu­sing on a form that goes beyond the black-box and does not neces­sa­ri­ly invol­ve pro­fes­si­o­nal actors. He is inte­rested in wor­king with com­mu­ni­ties and storytelling. 

He is cur­rent­ly acti­ve in par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry pro­jects in the peri­p­heries of Brussels, with Casi-UO in Anderlecht (asso­ci­a­ti­on that works sin­ce almost 50 years with Italian migrants in Belgium) and with the wor­king-spa­ce Transfocollect in Schaerbeek (spa­ce of the­a­tri­cal expres­si­on for young peo­p­le, main­ly with a migra­ti­on background)

I am also a guest tea­cher at the Royal School of Theatre, Sound and Cinema (Ritcs School of Arts) of Brussels, whe­re I give a urban docu­men­ta­ry work­shop, which invol­ves stu­dents of dif­fe­rent media.
From 2020 I’m one of the selec­ted artists of Crossing the Sea”, a long term-stra­te­gy pro­ject that aims to esta­blish con­nec­ti­on and coo­p­e­ra­ti­on bet­ween the per­for­ming art sec­tor in Italy and in the Middle East and Asiatic coun­tries. The pro­ject is sup­por­ted by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

As a per­for­mer I am tou­ring in the per­for­man­ce of Julian Hetzel, All Inclusive” (pro­duc­ti­on CAMPO Gent; Frascati Amsterdam; Schauspiele Leipzig; Kammerspiele Muenchen), which has been pre­sen­ted in seve­r­al European Festivals such as Actoral”, Impulse”, Belluard”, Biennale Teatro”, Spielart” and Mladi Levi”.

I am first assis­tant of the Belgian film­ma­ker Manu Riche for his new docu-fic­ti­on Charbon-The Eternal Fire” and, at the same time, I am wor­king as a the­a­tre-maker on a new per­for­man­ce about the com­mu­ni­ties of the Apennines from Central Italy, La mon­tag­na è fini­ta” (“The moun­tain is over”), an Italian-Belgian co-pro­duc­ti­on that will pre­mie­re during November 2023 in Genk.