Dina mimi portrait

Dina Mimi

Dina Mimi (1994, Palestine), is a visu­al artist who lives and works in Jerusalem. Her prac­ti­ce is mul­ti­fa­ceted and uses video, sound, per­for­man­ce, and text. Dina has been researching issues and sub­jects regar­ding the body and death in the public sphe­re, and noti­ons of visi­bi­li­ty and invi­si­bi­li­ty in the rela­ti­on of archae­o­lo­gy to the object, and the muse­um to death. She has also been researching pro­test as a per­for­man­ce. Her work exa­mi­nes the role of the body-for­ce in public spa­ce in Palestine.

Dina obtai­ned her Bachelor’s degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 2016, and her MFA degree in Art in the Public Sphere from ECAV-École can­to­nal d’art du Valais in Switzerland in 2018.