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Diego Echegoyen

Diego Echegoyen is an Argentine per­for­man­ce artist and researcher based in Brussels, who works, resear­ches and acti­va­tes in pro­jects mer­ging the­a­tre, expand­ed cho­re­o­grap­hy, field recor­ding, site-spe­ci­fic and street per­for­man­ce. His prac­ti­ce mer­ges artis­tic lan­gu­a­ges in a col­lec­ti­ve and col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve per­for­man­ce making. 

For his last pro­ject, What shi­nes through two dif­fe­rent things he devel­o­ped prac­ti­ces of situ­a­ted wri­ting and per­for­man­ce com­po­si­ti­on inter­wea­ving his­to­ri­cal and per­so­nal events, micro and macro sca­les of real and fic­ti­ve lands­ca­pes in a sto­ry­tel­ling enri­ched by cho­re­o­grap­hic scores.

He gra­du­a­ted at the Institut Superieur des Arts et Choreographies at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles with a BA in plas­tic, visu­al and spa­ce arts in Urban Space and holds a post-mas­ter degree in artis­tic research of APASS within the Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten.

In 2010 he co-foun­ded the Argentine EL CUARTO Theatre Company whe­re he wor­ked as an actor, dan­cer, per­for­mer and actors’ coach ever sin­ce. He is co-foun­der of the argen­ti­ne artis­tic acti­vist col­lec­ti­ve Escena Política, with whom has wor­ked sin­ce 2013 in the cross­road of per­for­man­ce and activism.