Cecilia L Isa Eliceche

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (Wallmapu, 1986) is a dan­cer cho­re­o­grap­her and dan­ce advo­ca­te based bet­ween Salvador de Bahia and Brussels. They are tra­ver­sed by more than 500 years of colo­ni­a­lism in Abya Yala and inspi­red by ance­stral times out­si­de of line­a­ri­ty. The ter­ri­to­ries she walks inha­bit her. They con­cei­ve dan­ce as a spa­ce to prac­ti­ce other­wi­se and other­worlds. The culi­na­ry arts as well as ritu­als of death, birth and life sus­tenan­ce have beco­me cen­tral to her work and life. She has wor­ked with Janet Panetta, Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croize, DD Dorvillier, Eleanor Bauer and has been dan­cing for more than 10 years with Heather Kravas. Since 2016, they have been sha­ring life and work with Brazilian artist Leandro Nerefuh and diving in the deep waters of Ayiti. In 2020, with the guid­an­ce of Ruro Caituiro, Cecilia with the com­pa­ny of Leandro gave birth to divi­ne Toya. In 2021 she embar­ked on a 4 year jour­ney to stu­dy the Nkisi col­lec­ti­on at the Museum of Central Africa together with Tata Xuxuca and Paulo França (from the Candomble Terreiro o Congo tra­di­ti­on Tumba Junsara) and Dr. Khyra Malika Daniels. She’s a co-foun­ding mem­ber of Dancing at the Crossroads (As We Walk). Cecilia is thank­ful to Houngan Jean-Daniel Lafontant, Egbomi Nancy de Souza and Moira Ivana Millan for their tea­chings and friendship.